Leave it to a Hollywood comedian to boil down the critical 2012 election to a comparison of fictitious 1970s sitcom characters.

So if Obama is “Fonzie,” I suppose that makes Michelle Obama “Pinky Tuscadero”? What an unpleasant visual.

One of Michael Ian Black’s followers couldn’t help herself and further insulted Mitt Romney.


Not surprisingly, ace political pundit Meghan McCain got in on the act.


Then it got really strange when Ian Black seemed to take the Potsie-Romney comparison to a whole different level.


We aren’t sure what Ian Black is referring to as the only “Happy Days” star who has fallen on rough times lately is Erin Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham on the show.

One of the indelible marks that “Happy Days” left on American pop culture was the origin of the phrase “jump the shark.”  Based on his political intellect, perhaps the Discovery Channel should have Michael Ian Black host “Shark Week” this year.