Friday night, Tomi Lahren walked into the Lion’s Den to have it out with Bill Maher and his liberal puppets on “Real Time.” They discussed politics, Trump, racism, and all the usual liberal hot-button buzzword issues. But, the best part came when Jason Kander (a failed candidate for Missouri’s state senate) tried to catch Lahren in a gotcha moment about Benghazi.

Except, she got him instead:


I’m not sure if liberals should be more mad about Kander’s mansplaining and misogyny, or, the fact that Tomi Lahren is a conservative AND a woman AND gorgeous AND smart all at the same time. GASP! Either way, Kander revealed what a stooge he is.

But, liberals don’t care if she’s right on this.

These are just a few of the tweets from the Regressive Left. And, Tomi’s response? Classic: