MLB hall of famer George Brett went into panic mode on Wednesday morning when his beloved dog ran away from the family’s home in Kansas. followed the search party for over 8 hours and documented the entire event.

Was the baseball legend eventually reunited with his labradoodle? Keep reading!

While searching for Charlie, it started to rain in the area. This did not make things easy for the search crew considering the labradoodle is deathly scared of bad weather.

As search efforts heated up, Brett begged his followers to get the hashtag #FindCharlie to trend.

But wait a second, what about a reward?

Sadly “within reason” can be interpreted in so many different ways and you know fans will try to take the future hall of famer for everything he’s worth. Is it possible somebody stole the dog?

After hours and hours of tweeting every new source possible and getting retweets from thousands of people, Charlie had finally been found!

Welcome home, Charlie! Don’t run away ever again!

Still no word on where he was found or who the finder was, but we’re happy to hear Charlie returned home safe and sound.