Do you remember Mike Vanderjagt? He’s most famous for being the liquored up, idiot kicker from the Indianapolis Colts who had a knack for choking in clutch situations.

Still don’t remember who he is? Maybe Peyton Manning can refresh your memory:

Okay, NOW you remember! Anywho, Vanderjagt is back to choking again. Only this time he’s not choking away victories. He’s choking little kids.

The incident took place on March 12 when Marco Island Police responded to a call from Mark Albanese, dean of students at the school, who reported an adult male grabbed a student by the throat. Since the incident happened at the end of day, the student involved and witnesses had gone home.

Police investigated the following day, talking to students at the scene and to Vanderjagt. One student was taunting Vanderjagt by yelling “wide left, wide left” through a rolled-up poster board that acted as a megaphone, according to a Marco police report.

Surprisingly, Vanderjagt still has some supporters out there who encourage violence against kids.

Even liquored up idiots have their fans. We have never been so ashamed of society.