Some things never change. Even though Dwight Howard has successfully forced the Magic to fire Stan Van Gundy he still wants out of Orlando. On the other hand, Los Angeles fans are sick and tired of their big-man Andrew Bynum who has to be one of the most inconsistent NBA players in recent memory.

Over the past few months some people have even encouraged the teams to swap players which would send Howard to Los Angeles and Bynum to Orlando straight up. The only problem with that sort of deal is everyone argues over which player is better.

Let the Twitter debate begin…!/djladiesmancain/status/204939265082261504!/MrMagicCity21/status/204943845732003842!/M1GHTY_MOUSE/status/204943785086554112!/NarcissisticLEO/status/204940985766125569!/CoreyBailey11/status/204939703064068096!/UptownBobby/status/204939608457355264!/melogsdon24/status/204939478928855040!/Dhughes_92/status/204939390026387456!/GLexaminer/status/204939331524231170!/LLCoolTawrence/status/204939260426596353!/maintain24/status/204939237362106368!/Ramblinman23/status/204933066794340352

Whoa! That was a heated debate. Obviously these tweeps will never agree. Maybe we need a neutral voice of reason?!/BossTown_Bass/status/204940340149493762!/eyemDOPE/status/204941166913921024

Our take: Both players are vastly overrated millionaires and they both need to grow up. Once they mature as men then maybe we can have a real debate as to which big man is better.