Can’t get enough of Tim Tebow or his famous “Tebowing” celebration!? You better pre-order your copy of the hit video game Madden 13.

“Tebowing,” the celebration made famous by Tim Tebow last season, is coming to a video game near you.

Michael Young, the creative director for “Madden NFL 13”, says the game will feature the celebration when it is released on Aug. 28. It’s a pose the New York Jets quarterback made famous last season while playing for the Denver Broncos.!/MaddenBible/status/203710644489433089!/NOPeteHere/status/204610512607117314!/shawnshahani/status/204608036071948288!/Emiliana_oxox/status/204607704688377856!/CaReyGrAhAm/status/204607521590226944!/Rogolfin/status/204605504197111808!/ZayMarty/status/204602806395609089!/bflo360/status/204601204704157696!/CheeseheaDom/status/204600282418647040!/Thatbaseballjoe/status/204584065263861760

We’ll be Tebowing all the way to Gamestop for our copy! (That’s a lie.)