Rapper Jay-Z is way too big to join any existing Summer music festivals like Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo. If he feels like putting on a show for his die-hard fans, he’ll just start up his own festival from scratch!

Jay-Z will headline the Budweiser Made in America festival in Philadelphia this Labor Day weekend. The festival, curated by Jay-Z himself, will feature a roster of nearly 30 acts from many different genres on three stages at Fairmount Park on September 1st and 2nd.!/nefprezz/status/202052363522031616!/kjforshort/status/202063809077182468!/jasfly/status/202053090373926914

Considering Jay-Z’s popularity, it’s safe to say tickets will sell out with or without other great performers. The full list of acts won’t be released until later this month, but we know the name of at least one other rapper who plans to take part in the festival…

Some dude named “Freeway” was present with Jay-Z at the official press conference, but you’re not supposed to know that! In fact, Jay-Z pushed him aside when it came time to take photographs.!/kayfoxx/status/202052328814166017!/RalphBeezy/status/202059003143008258!/pjhoody/status/202058556114075648!/TheRealMe_23/status/202058854933069824!/lilduval/status/202056254804336640!/CraigSJ/status/202053056110669826!/RalphBeezy/status/202062031317250049!/EyMrCarter/status/202062256417144832

We agree! Poor, poor Freeway. By the way, does anyone know who the heck he even is??

Either way, Philadelphia has mixed reviews on the festival. Some people can’t wait to go. Others think it’s going to bring nothing but chaos to the city.!/bossytasha215/status/202049937721143296!/mr_jt412/status/202056673681092608!/IRapSports/status/202056104140742656!/geminikk/status/202063215314735104!/Rbeeski/status/202056442184867840!/Alys_ToHisHeart/status/202065388043894785!/RyanRstar/status/202053744052011009!/Passport_Vixen/status/202066630992330752

Jay-Z, a vocal Occupy Wall Street supporter, has no problems with corporatized music events. An unspecified portion of ticket sales will go to local Philly charities.