Now that the New York Knicks have officially been knocked out of the NBA playoffs, fans are looking for ways to improve their team for next season.

One of the biggest names they’re hoping to add this offseason is veteran point guard Steve Nash.

Even though the 38-year-old is obviously past his prime, the leadership he would bring to the Knicks locker room by far makes up for his eroding skills. New York’s problem isn’t their talent pool, it’s their ability to play together as a unit. That’s where Nash would help most.!/AustinLGM/status/200613649281327104!/ifreshkiddv10/status/200599402212098049!/BDOFAT/status/197505770072440835!/N4OrlanJ/status/197411330167291904!/Elliotisreal/status/200618172326481920!/knicksnation/status/200378501478612992!/FatSchlub/status/200618148637048832!/Adam_Schanke/status/200616204375834624!/dblea88/status/200611298696904705!/RayNel716/status/200605978771734529

On paper Steve Nash may seem like a great fit for the Knicks, but a potential deal would have some skeptics. Just how well would he fit in with their current scheme and could he get along with Carmelo Anthony?!/Mr_Norof/status/200601081003261955!/mickrouse/status/200599899186798595

One thing is for sure. We’re in-store for a very entertaining NBA offseason!