Top welterweight boxer Amir Khan went on a long Twitter rant against fellow welterweight Lamont Peterson.

On May 10th the two fighters were supposed to meet in the ring for the second time in just five months, but now the bout is in jeapordy after Peterson tested positive for testosterone.

Khan lost their first fight in December by a split decision and he has been wanting a rematch ever since. The idea of the fight being cancelled just a little over a week before it’s scheduled to take place seems to have rubbed Khan the wrong way.

After the rant, Khan asked his followers for their thoughts on what should happen to Peterson.

Here are just some of the responses he received.!/Congy99/status/200315511714746369!/Harvey_TG/status/200315520778641408!/OwenCummins/status/200315689884585987!/olivetribe/status/200314745629319168

Khan didn’t ask us for our take on the situation, but we’ll give it to him anyways. We believe he should step away from Twitter, stop asking his followers for advice and seek advice from people who are actually qualified to give it. We bet his trainer Freddie Roach or his promoter Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy would love to help!