Fans of Eminem are very familiar with his daughter Hailie Mathers from many of his songs. In fact, he has a number of music videos which feature family photos and footage from her childhood.

Today the image above surfaced onto the Internet. Supposedly, that’s Hailie Mathers all grown up. She is 16-years-old now.

We don’t know if it’s real or fake and we HIGHLY DOUBT Eminem will ever confirm or deny it either way.!/XopherFL/status/197411491366965249!/MadTwatt3r/status/197411254225207297!/SallyAnnWest/status/197417620113342466!/DaKidGowie/status/197379926033309698!/kemiadetiba/status/197414534888173568!/cnwadiaru/status/197417609208147968!/_Showers/status/197401532839374848