For some odd reason, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has no interest in talking about this past weekend’s NFL draft, nor does he care to comment on his team. Instead, he’d rather talk about the New England Patriots “Spygate” scandal which happened way back in 2007.!/StampedeBlue/status/197346278294827010!/OhYeahN_Shit/status/197357592304033793!/RealPeezy/status/197357459671760897!/MichaelSBerger/status/197356988550754304!/missdaiana/status/197342510505406464!/PShep326/status/197356963858874368!/amy13phins/status/197360058068246528

Regardless of what you agree or disagree with Harbaugh’s comments, why did he feel obligated to talk about something that happened so long ago? It sounds like he still holds a grudge from last season with the Patriots knocked his team out of the playoffs.