In case you have a really really REALLY hard time telling what type of foods are healthy for you and which aren’t, you may be surprised to hear that Nutella is NOT healthy for you!

Nutella-maker Ferrero USA, Inc. has lost a class-action lawsuit over the spread’s purported health claims. They will be forced to pay out $3.05 million as part of the settlement, with $2.5 million to be divided among consumers who file a claim.!/CactusRambo/status/195991025225965569!/MrWordsWorth/status/195979285373272064!/jandrewpotter/status/195979653415059456!/beingtheo/status/195984564743700481!/BorowitzReport/status/195975672458514433!/NotBillWalton/status/195971425671188481

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