ESPN’s Chris Mortenson is reporting that the NFL is close to canceling the NFL Pro Bowl for this upcoming season and possibly forever. The all-star game has always been a complete joke and basically a glorified flag football game because the players don’t want to get hurt.

If canceled for good, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would consider implementing some sort of skills competition to honor the players.!/SDiezal/status/195498495661195264!/FakeNFLFacts/status/195498299548114944!/FakeNFLFacts/status/195498151149441024!/jkuchie/status/195497517599825921!/Giants_101/status/195497258819665921!/JamesCibella/status/195497179983519746!/BCraig8/status/195496987565637632!/psycho_k24/status/195496279332237312!/MdotFlores804/status/195494403287154689!/TonyRBranco/status/195494075221286914

We believe the NFL could do one of two things. They could do away with the Pro Bowl completely and replace it with a skills competition, which would likely be more entertaining than the game anyway. Or they could wait and play the Pro Bowl in May or June when there’s no football on TV, which would likely enhance ratings.

Time will tell…

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