Steve Francis was at one time nicknamed “Stevie Franchise” by basketball fans, due to his flashiness on the hardwood. Francis had a respectable NBA career, but some could say he never lived up to his full potential.

Now that his basketball career is behind him, the 35-year-old is trying to become a rap star.!/DerangedDawg/status/195169620943056896!/J_Eddine/status/195185794233798656!/oddfuckingtaco/status/195180264949956608!/notbillwalton/status/195158822178926592!/thefarmerjones/status/195164271401906176!/mr_layedbak/status/195161387843059713!/jfloodmab/status/195182459413991424

And finally one Tweeter asks the one question to which EVERYONE would love to know the answer.!/deontelicopter/status/195069096814051328

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