Some fans think Tim Tebow is the best quarterback in the world even though he has yet to learn how to throw a spiral. Other fans think he’s gifted and should be able to beat out current Jets starter Mark Sanchez by mid-season, but they know he’s far from the greatest show on turf.

New York Jets coaching staff has a much different opinion on Tebow. In fact, they’ve already told him that he’ll be forced to play special teams as a punt protector.

The Jets and even Tebow himself have hinted towards this move for quite sometime, but fans still have mixed feelings.!/TattooShawty_/status/194793748826296320!/ParrisNights/status/194793451148156930!/iampoppin/status/194793268947591168!/sportsfanprobz/status/194793674247376896!/BIGDIRTKELCH/status/194794598210605056!/jssooner4/status/194793627841593344!/JP_Haynie/status/194793308692819968

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