According to a local Orlando TV station, Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has said he knows his star center Dwight Howard has asked management to fire him immediately.

“I know he has,” Van Gundy told reporters. “That’s just the way it is. Again, I’ve been dealing with that all year. It’s not anything real bothersome. You go out and do your job.”

It has been widely reported for months that Van Gundy and Howard do not like each other and their relationship continues to get nastier as time goes by.!/fisolanydn/status/187934177017069568!/HPbasketball/status/187944735011389441!/NotBillWalton/status/187944669970313216!/swaggsince82/status/187946779361280000!/ApolloDeLorean/status/187946620309082112!/fisolanydn/status/187942603252178944!/negativedunks/status/187937261097205761