Twitter was abuzz earlier today with rumors that Bruno Mars had come out of the closet:!/nusynot/status/186927497219276801!/ah0ykori/status/186926467396018176!/taylorgangg_s/status/186926795449319425!/simplyabigail/status/186926681183895553!/beyizbk4gd/status/186927178598973440!/YouAndPaul/status/186927376431722498!/MONtaylorSTER/status/186927266821967872

From iReport on CNN:

Bruno Mars announced on a small Chicago radio station that he is homosexual. Mars also stated: “I will not go to great lengths to spread this news. The timing is bad, I hadn’t realized it was April Fool’s Day but it’s been pointed out to me and I don’t want to go too public with this. I don’t want it to be disregarded as a joke. My sexuality is no joke to me and it’s come out a little faster than I’d hoped.” It was later revealed that the singer’s intentions were in fact to make some well-placed jokes on the air to test the public’s reaction, before actually coming out on a televised talk show later this week. His plans went awry when he got some very specific questions from the interviewer, the source added.

But the enitre report has now been removed without explanation and a rep for Mars says it is fabricated and 100 percent untrue.

Will CNN retract and apologize?