From NBC Sports:

“If they over-think this, they’re going to make a mistake they’ll regret for years,” Whitfield said.

Some draft analyst view Luck as the safer bet but Griffin as the player with the higher upside. Whitfield doesn’t think upsides get much higher than Luck’s.

“He’s constantly being categorized as being safe, the sure thing, almost to the point where it’s a negative like there’s a ceiling, no apparent way for him to get better,” Whitfield said. “It almost feels like they’re looking at him as the guy with the least amount of negatives. Let me tell you: He’s far from a finished product. He’s very far along, but there are still things he’s working on mechanically and there are lots of things he’ll get better at by being in the NFL.”

Although plenty of observers disagree with Whitfield and think Griffin is the better prospect, from all indications none of those observers are in the Colts’ front office. The Colts aren’t going to make that decision that Luck’s quarterback tutor thinks they’d regret.