A few years ago Dennis Rodman was one of the most highly recognized athletes in all of America. Along with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Rodman helped the Chicago Bulls win several championships. His antics off the court, including some cross-dressing and funky hair, quickly turned him into one of the most marketable characters in all of sports.

Unfortunately, wisely investing his finances was never his strong suit.

From LA Times:

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is “extremely sick,” “broke” and is in no position to pay hefty child and spousal support payments, according to court documents.

Rodman is behind in his payments and faces a court hearing Tuesday in Orange. He faces up to 20 days in jail for failure to pay spousal and child support, according to an attorney for his ex-wife.

As of March 1, Rodman, 51, owed $808,935 in back child support for the 9- and 10-year-old children that he had with his third wife, Michelle Rodman, said her attorney, Jack Kayajanian, in court documents.

Rodman also owed $51,441 through March 1 in back spousal support, Kayajanian alleged in court documents.