After all of the fines, suspensions and penalties NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed out to the New Orleans Saints for Bountygate, everyone is already writing the team off for 2012.

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From ESPN:

While seeking the counsel of his former boss and mentor, Bill Parcells, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has broached the idea of Parcells becoming the interim head coach during Payton’s suspension for the 2012 season, according to several league sources.

Payton and Parcells have spoken numerous times, sources said, since NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced last Wednesday that the Saints coach was being suspended for the year because the league found that the team had engaged in a bounty program that included incentives to injure opposing players.

Payton is contemplating an appeal of his stiff sentence, sources said. His suspension begins April 1 and will end after the Super Bowl.

While some would be super stoked to see Parcells back on the sidelines, others remain skeptic.!/marcus_0913/status/184319725059321856!/ReillyRick/status/184325407812747264!/real_wiseguy/status/184321268852588544!/sportspickle/status/184321288817487872!/tdyer22/status/184321204683931648