How do we know the ‘journalist’ crowd thinks Elon Musk’s dump of the ‘Twitter Files’ is damaging to President Biden? Because they’re attacking Matt Taibbi for reporting what is undeniably a newsworthy event, instead of discussing the content of his reporting.

Newsflash: This isn’t just damaging for the former Biden campaign and Twitter 1.0. It’s also bad for journo clowns who refused to report on the legitimate Hunter Biden laptop story at the time. Most even went so far as to prop up the ‘Russian disinformation’ claim to spike the story, in support of their Democrat overlords.

The latest news revealed that Democrats enjoyed special access to Twitter staff to ask that individual tweets be deep-sixed. Further, the unofficial Twitter PAC canned the Hunter Biden laptop story and then went in search of a policy excuse to back up their action.

They’ve learned nothing.

Journo clown world is going to louse up the Hunter Biden laptop story AGAIN.

It’s not like these folks couldn’t have figured out what was going on within Twitter when the New York Post’s story first dropped. They chose not to.

To do otherwise would have required actual journalism, and it would have caused potential damage to the campaign of their favorite grandpa.

They’re nothing if not inconsistent.

Let’s break this down. The richest man in the world, who is in the news every day, including stories by these bozos, announces that he’s going to shed light on what happened within Twitter that caused the Hunter Biden laptop story, a White House press secretary, and an American newspaper to be censored.

That’s it. We don’t need to say anything more. That alone is a newsworthy event, and any honest journalist should recognize it.

These aren’t journalists. They’re partisan hacks.

‘Clown’ really is the best description. They’re a humorous distraction from the main event, and they happily volunteer to fill the role.

It is humiliating … for people like Collins who claim to be journalists.


If there’s any soul-selling going on here, it’s from the people who refuse to report news that might hurt their Democrat masters.

Take a minute to drink that one in. Seth Abramson, the man who once assaulted Twitter with a 451-tweet thread, is ripping a journalist for a ‘vacuous’ thread which actually contained newsworthy content.

Taibbi’s thread isn’t about Hunter Biden. The Hunter Biden laptop story isn’t really about Hunter Biden. We knew Hunter Biden was a screw-up long before he misplaced his laptop.

The Hunter Biden laptop story is about Joe Biden.

That’s why they circle the wagons every time this comes up.

The only thing worse than their hypocrisy would be not having them around to laugh at. LOL.

Imagine volunteering to do online PR work for the world’s oldest president on a Friday night.

Notice the ‘PR for the world’s richest man’ line. The parrots have learned a new phrase.


Tech and media journalist: ‘PR. Richest billionaire. BRAAAAKKK!’

Media Matters: ‘BRAAAKKK! PR! Richest person! BRAAAKKK!’

Mediaite: ‘Taibbi! PR! Richest huckster! BRAAAKKK! Embarrassing! BRAAAAK!’

Bloomberg: ‘BRAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKK! PR! Richest man!’ (we don’t know either): ‘BRAAAAKKKKKK! BRAAAAAAAKKKKKK! PR! BRAAAAAAAAAAAKKKK! Richest man!’

This is a ‘Democratic Pollster & Strategist’. He’s not a parrot. He’s the trainer.

Thanks to Mark Hemingway for the above list of journo parrots.

It’s what they do.

Maybe we’ve all misunderstood what they mean by ‘disinformation reporter’?

Oh, they are disinformation reporters, just not in the way they mean. And, yes, this is bad news for them. They refused to do their jobs when the story surfaced. They’re refusing to do it now. They were complicit.

Also, jealous.

It’s an important point. Elon Musk didn’t exactly hand this off to Charlie Kirk.

Imagine if it was Don Jr.’s laptop. It would have been ‘bigger than Watergate’ with these folks.

The New York Post story did not include nude photos of Hunter Biden. That had nothing to do with the decision to spike the story, and was not included as a reason in the Taibbi thread.

This is just the latest excuse from journalists wanting to avoid the story.

‘He’s doing journalism and they are mad about it.’

Pretty much sums it up.



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