Even though he has been the biggest part of their offense for quite sometime, Chicago Bears’ management and coaching has never loved running back Matt Forte. They continued to prove that on Thursday by signing former Raider, Michael Bush.

Bush is a punishing back and combined with Forte, the Bears running game has to be one of the most dangerous in the NFL.

With that said we can’t imagine how Forte must have felt when he first heard the news, especially when the team is unable to give him the contract he deserves.!/ufc4/status/182867023104192512!/bradbiggs/status/182856824519790592!/jameyeisenberg/status/182857222064312322!/bettelamar/status/182857769844621313!/undecided/status/182859252824670209!/waddleandsilvy/status/182857704396689408!/paulpabst/status/182858924062539776!/djdurkin/status/182859900597182464!/curtisblow304/status/182864552931762176