NFL linebacker Joey Porter has hit Tim Tebow with the most insulting statement ever known to mankind. Regardless of how you feel about Tim Tebow as a quarterback, there is absolutely no man on this Earth who deserves to be compared to Justin Bieber.

From USA Today:

If Joey Porter’s sentiments are an accurate barometer, not too many NFL players are looking forward to playing with Tim Tebow, the Broncos quarterback who is expected to be shopped now that Peyton Manning is going to Denver.

“Anybody who brings him in right now, you would think they’re trying to do it for ticket sales,” Porter, a linebacker for 13 years in the league, said Monday night on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access. “So it’s just like, it’s good to have a Justin Bieber because you’re gonna get a whole of (fans). That’s what I compare it to. He’s the Justin Bieber of the NFL.”

We have lost all respect for Joey Porter after these statements. While they may be quite accurate and a bit hilarious, we would never encourage disrespecting another human being like that.!/AnBurtsfield/status/182201407728922626!/gobstopperz/status/182201298844782592!/KDawsII/status/182201238144811008!/DGRAY47/status/181901242040197120