The Tennessee Titans signed one of the best offensive guards to ever play the game, Steve Hutchinson.

The former Seahawks and Vikings star is also very good friends with Peyton Manning which leaves us wondering if the team didn’t make the move in hopes of inking the future hall of fame quarterback.!/NickSpano/status/180384352717389824!/ClaytonESPN/status/180383871827841025!/TaipanT/status/180383592172621824!/ChaseGilmer/status/180385466930040832!/ItsGodsWIL_SON/status/180385325137395713!/DanieLewisUTCBS/status/180385280040247296!/schuy7/status/180385277972463616!/edler56/status/180385266165493761

Only time will tell for sure, but we think Peyton Manning will be announcing his return to Tennessee very very soon! 😉


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