Well, this was refreshing! On today’s episode of “The View,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg took a break from trivializing and lying about the Holocaust and instead shifted her attention to white people and the privilege they enjoy by not being beaten to death by police.


She’s not suggesting that white people need to be beaten! She’s just suggesting that maybe if more white people were beaten more often, it might open their eyes.

But you are a racist, Whoopi. And a dumb one, at that.

Should more white people get shot, too? Are beatings not enough?

Of course, as is usually the case, it’s also important not to sleep on Goldberg’s cohosts’ own hot takes on the topic:

And back to Whoopi:


Over to guest Benjamin Crump:

And then Whoopi with the coda:

What those police officers did to Tyre Nichols was unconscionable. There’s no defending it.

But the key to preventing more police violence isn’t defunding police. It’s not teaching Critical Race Theory. And it’s not letting more white people get beaten up.

For crying out loud. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think that “The View” wanted to make every terrible thing infinitely worse.



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