Former New York Giants teammates Jeremy Shockey and Amani Toomer exchanged Twitter hate on Thursday morning. It all started when the retired wide receiver claimed Shockey will never play for the Giants again because he’s a “bad teammate, worse person.”

Shockey didn’t appreciate the comment.!/JeremyShockey/status/180296249646395394!/JeremyShockey/status/180296815248293888!/JeremyShockey/status/180297295873576962!/JeremyShockey/status/180298256817979392

After Shockey’s hate rant, Toomer stood by his original tweet and assured everyone that he has no plans to delete his comment. He then thanked the tight end for proving his original point.!/AmaniAToomer/status/180286094762459137!/AmaniAToomer/status/180306060932956160

Throughout his football career Jeremy Shockey has never been known as a model citizen. Instead he has always been seen as one of the NFL’s biggest partiers and he has never hidden the fact that he enjoys getting a little tipsy every now and then. He has never taken care of his body and that’s part of the reason he’s having such a hard time finding a job with another NFL team.

He’s a classic example of somebody who had all the talent in the world, but threw it all away.

Fortunately for Shockey he keeps a positive attitude and isn’t going to let the haters bring him down.!/JeremyShockey/status/180309368154243072

While Toomer has decided to stop the tweet wars, Shockey did everything in his power to keep it going.!/JeremyShockey/status/180320898702774272!/JeremyShockey/status/180342483631345666!/JeremyShockey/status/180348555284844545!/JeremyShockey/status/180351288217837568