ABC Family is making another installment to the ‘Home Alone’ series. In-case you’re not keeping track, this will be the 5th movie from the franchise.

Before you get too excited, we have to be completely upfront with you. Macaulay Culkin is not likely to return to the series, which pretty much ruins the movie altogether. Oh well, surely somebody will still care….


ABC Family and Fox TV Studios announced that production has
begun on the latest installment in the popular “Home Alone” franchise, starring Malcolm McDowell,
Debi Mazar, Edward Asner, Eddie Steeples, and Christian Martyn. The movie is set to premiere as
part of the network’s annual “25 Days of Christmas” programming event.

In “Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark” eight-year-old Finn (Martyn) is terrified to learn his family is
relocating from sunny California to Maine, and the scariest house he has ever seen! Convinced that
his new house is haunted, Finn sets up a series of elaborate traps to catch the “ghost” in action. Left
home alone with his sister (Jodelle Ferland) while their parents are stranded across town, Finn’s
traps catch a new target – a group of thieves (McDowell, Mazar, Eddie Steeples) who have targeted
Finn’s house. Produced by Fox Television Studios, the movie is directed by Peter Hewitt (“Garfield”),
and written by Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre (“The Finder”).!/PotterHeadster/status/180399679664693248