This has to be one of the weirdest, yet entertaining, stories we have heard in quite sometime. It involves a cop, his girlfriend and a cute little Justin Bieber doll.

A Denver police officer arrested in the beating of his girlfriend claimed that she attacked him with a Justin Bieber doll.

Officer Michael Nuanes, Jr., 37, said that his girlfriend hurled a Barbie-sized Justin Bieber doll at him, injuring his foot. He also accused the girlfriend of kicking him, biting his finger and choking him, according to an Adams County sheriff detective’s sworn statement supporting an arrest warrant.

“Michael Nuanes stated that (his girlfriend) had thrown a ‘Barbie Doll’ at him, which bruised his foot and (said) that it hurt,” the affidavit said. “Nuanes pointed out a ‘Justin Bieber’ doll, which was the item used to injure him.”

We don’t know about you, but if our significant others beat the crap out of us with a Justin Bieber doll, we would keep it to ourselves. Here’s what others are saying:!/Chief0/status/179275923856699392!/Guidette_bella/status/179527762736979968!/reallynicole/status/179566720669843457!/Atwitisborn/status/179523704890470400!/BOWDOWN2BARBIE/status/179343049657298944!/SabrinAnn14/status/179343420920311808!/TacomaLynette/status/179627491940511744!/PaddyMac_/status/179601632164716544