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Highest number of illegal immigrants in history crossed the border in September

AP Photo/Eric Gay

First, something that's almost true:

It is true, except for the stories that trend on X but never make it to the mainstream media. As I always say, watch for media bias not just in their reporting but also in what they choose to report and choose to ignore. Case in point: MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan was crying about the U.S. Border Patrol hosting Musk as he visited Eagle Pass, Texas. He went because neither politicians nor the media were bothering to do so. The looming government shutdown took up all the media's attention. 

Anyway, props to Musk for livestreaming his visit.

What's really going on is 260,000 illegal immigrants crossing into the United States this month:

Notice that Musk isn't retweeting the mainstream media but rather a congressman from Texas. Will someone in the White House press briefing room ask Karine Jean-Pierre about this figure? I doubt it, but maybe if she dares to call on Peter Doocy.

Even sanctuary city mayors are calling on President Biden to get control of the border because they can't handle a few busloads of illegal immigrants. As I always ask, if Biden, who told illegals to surge to the border once he was elected, didn't want this happening, what would he be doing differently? He sues Texas every time Gov. Greg Abbott tries to put up a barrier.

As Musk says, right now, all you need to do is say you're seeking asylum, and they'll set you loose and give you a court date in 2035 to plead your case.

We need a greatly simplified process and at least some evidence for asylum. Right now, no evidence at all is required. Just say the magic phrase “I seek asylum” and you’re in. 

There simply aren’t enough qualified judges in the country to hire. The wait is 5 to 7 years! And, even if the case is lost, there is almost no repatriation. 

Btw, the officials at the border say that things were sensible under Obama, so this is not just an R vs D issue. They said open borders started 2 years ago.

Two years ago … what a coincidence. People think that these people in other countries around the world don't have the internet or watch the news. Word gets around. How about the group that showed up in matching T-shirts saying, "Biden, let us in," with the Biden campaign logo in place of his name?

What's the solution? Well, for one, we don't have to let everybody in just because they arrived at the border. Hand you proof of asylum through the gate and we'll consider it.

I really fear Republicans are going to blow it and get Biden reelected, and we'll have four more years of this.



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