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You have to watch this ad from Mission: Democracy about conservatives


Dear God, this is amazing. It's like looking into a mirror and truly seeing myself. I never realized how wrong I was about everything until Mission: Democracy showed the error of my ways in unvarnished details. I mean, holding a book burning in the middle of the street and actually taking books from people's hands seemed like the right thing to do. So did arresting women who had miscarriages, which is the law in so many red states now. And the College Board taught us that some slaves learned valuable trades they were able to pursue after emancipation. We always thought the College Board was a little liberal, but now we know better.

OK, I confess that I only made it until 1:38 before I had to turn it off. The Karen lady … I just couldn't take it.

This is what some people actually believe, and as the ad shows, the media is complicit.

You know what they didn't show? Pickup trucks. That really would have sold the whole thing.

The thing about conservatives is we don't have to make up videos of drag queens shoving their crotches into children's faces; they post those on TikTok themselves.

They must have sunk some money into this production … why didn't they just use news footage of all of these things happening? Aren't the writers and actors on strike?

So what purpose does this serve other than to confirm the biases of the Left? The mainstream media tells them this all the time for free, and they believe it. Throwing Toni Morrison into a burn barrel is just the same as removing the sexually explicit "Gender Queer" from the school library. It's so clear now.

There really is no hope. There really needs to be a national divorce if people can not only get this angry but stay angry enough to make a video this far removed from reality. Did Rob Reiner direct this?




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