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'Trans Rights in America' panel asked to define what a woman is, gets testy


We have a sitting Supreme Court Justice who can't define what a woman is, so this nonsense has already reached the top. What kind of question is that anyway? "What is a woman?" We'd say an adult female, but that's just how we were raised.


Apparently in response to an appearance on campus by Michael Knowles, a panel on "Trans Rights in America" was set up at Georgetown University featuring some high-profile trans activists. Representing Timcast, Elad Eliahu attended and approached the microphone with that seemingly unanswerable question.

Chris Carr reports:

During the Q&A portion, Eliahu approached the microphone and said there didn’t appear to be a consensus on terms.

“So, what is a woman?” he asked. “And if it is just self-identifying, then is there any limiting principle to that?”

Amid scattered murmuring from the audience, [Charlotte] Clymer offered to take the question before asking Eliahu to provide his definition.

“I’m a journalist, so I came to ask you,” he replied.

“Well, I want to ask you: what is a woman?” Clymer said.

Eliahu said he believes it comes down to genetics and chromosomes.

“I’ll give a quick answer,” Clymer said. “There are cis-gender women with XY chromosomes, there are cis-gender men with XX chromosomes. Chromosomally, we can’t determine what a woman is. Biologically, it’s very hard to define. This is what we see over and over again.”

Clymer added: “What really angers me about this question is that the people never seem to be able to give a straight answer themselves.”

“I just did,” Eliahu said.


People never seem to be able to give a straight answer. An adult human female. There, we just did it again.

It was practically hate speech.


The party of science, everyone. The fact that the question "What is a woman" makes Clymer angry says a lot. Just answer the man's question.


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