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James Clapper concerned Trump might lock him up if reelected

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

I'm posting this because CNN's Abby D. Phillip is quite the interesting case. When she had on Rep. Matt Gaetz to talk about the Joe Biden influence-peddling scandal, she told Gaetz that "there's no evidence Joe Biden was involved in Hunter's business deals." So she's one of the "no evidence" or "no hard evidence" or "no direct evidence" that Biden did anything more than call into Hunter's business meetings because he loved his son and liked talking about the weather. 

Now she's got on CNN employee James Clapper, who lied to Congress about spying on Americans, to probe the mind of Gen. Mark Milley, whom The Atlantic says saved the Constitution from Donald Trump. Milley, who also believes that the claim the military has gone woke is "bulls**t," thinks if reelected, Trump would have his political enemies thrown in jail, at which point Clapper barks like a seal.

Nice chyron: "Clapper: Concerned I'd Be on Trump's Perceived Enemies List." Clapper should be locked up anyway.

I'm not fully on board with Team Trump yet, but he told us about Hillary Clinton that he was going to lock her up, and he didn't. She should be in prison. Would a Trump 2.0 DOJ prosecute Clinton? But we Republicans are spineless and wouldn't do it because the Democrats would say we're being mean.

A lot of the reason Trump is polling so high is that many Republicans want what they've called a "revenge presidency." I'd like one. Democrats and the media ran for his entire administration with made-up opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign and awarded themselves Pulitzers for it.

CNN pays him.

I'm thrilled by the proposition but unsure that Trump would actually do anything. He didn't drain the swamp by a large margin, and it's still in place, perhaps stronger than ever.

Obviously, Trump will be running against both his opponent and the media once again, as CNN is proving here.



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