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Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates never worked for an angrier president than Donald Trump

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As Twitchy reported a week ago, Jeffrey Goldberg published a piece in The Atlantic called, "THE PATRIOT: How General Mark Milley protected the Constitution from Donald Trump." If was a puff piece to end all puff pieces and gave Milley the chance to expend some of his pent-up white rage, saying that the idea that the modern military is "woke" is "total, utter, made-up bulls**t." That's a lie, but let's move on.


Goldberg is still pimping the piece on X and settled on this pull quote from former Defense Secretary Robert Gates (ever notice how "former" government officials will always tell you what you want to hear?):

Neither Lyndon Johnson nor Richard Nixon were investigated for years for being an illegitimate president swept into office by colluding with Russia. What did Trump say between the election and January 6? That the election was stolen, as was his right. Democrats had certainly done their part trying to say the 2016 election was fixed.

Nice photo of Milley looking pensively out a window, guys. Milley posed for a few glamor shots for the article.


"Uniparty" won't but should be Merriam-Webster's word of the year.

Yeah, calling Communist China behind the president's back and saying you'll give them a heads up if there's ever a military strike wasn't cool.


Yep. Somebody has got to clean house. Remember last week when Lincoln Project alumnus Steve Schmidt said if Trump wins in 2024, his appointees will "strip bare" the federal government? That's why we're voting for him.


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