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Glenn Greenwald: UK press is arguing that Rumble should be banned from the country


The reason that the video streaming platform Rumble exists at all is because YouTube was so anxious to censor conservative viewpoints. And now the U.K. press is making noise about banning Rumble. Why? Because Russell Brand, who has been accused in the press of (but not charged with) sexual assault, makes money from the videos he posts on Rumble. As Twitchy reported, the CEO of Rumble received a letter from no less than Parliament expressing its concerns about Brand profiting off the platform. Rumble told them where they could shove it. But the U.K., armed with its just-passed Online Safety Bill, has its eyes on Rumble.


According to the U.K. government, the Online Safety Bill "will make the UK the safest place in the world to be online by placing new duties on social media companies – honouring our manifesto commitment."

Glenn Greenwald weighed in:

Yes, that's the AP reporting that Rumble "is a haven for disinformation and extremism." Keep in mind that "disinformation" is itself disinformation — it's just a word for suppressing facts that aren't convenient to the elites, like the existence of Hunter Biden's laptop.


Don't forget that platforms like Facebook have promised to redouble their efforts to fight "disinformation" about the 2024 election. Thank God for Elon Musk and Community Notes.

As we've reported a couple of times before, police in the U.K. will arrest you for praying silently across the street from an abortion clinic. And now they've turned their focus to social media. It's absolutely crazy.


There's no First Amendment in the U.K.

We're not saying Brand's accusers are lying, but they did take their stories to the press rather than the police. As we said, he hasn't been charged with anything.

Seriously … what is wrong with you Brits allowing things to get to this point? The government will ban you from watching Rumble and seeing contrary opinions about the coronavirus, the election, Ukraine, and more. They're making the internet "safe."



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