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Adam Kinzinger concerned about the rise of Christian fascism in Texas

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

I'm going to confess something to you VIPs … I'm an atheist. A reluctant atheist who identifies as a Christian, however — a Catholic even. My wife's a converted Catholic, my kids were raised Catholic and went to Catholic school. I try to live my life as a Christian and would love nothing more than to believe … to have a "Too Blessed to Be Stressed" bumper sticker on my car. I pray. Trying to believe, though, is like saying you believe in science. I'm hoping to be proven wrong. But for now, I'll fight for the Christian values on which the nation was founded. (And nothing is more tedious than atheists like Richard Dawkins who make sure you know they're atheists, like vegans always let you know they're vegans within five minutes of conversation.)

So it really bugs me that "Christian" is being thrown around like "white supremacist" or "far-right" or "Christofascist." There are plenty of liberal Christians but they never seem to be criticized for their faith, probably because their faith is so pliable. Look at this clown asking staunch Republican Adam Kinzinger, who moved to Texas of all states, taking about "Christian nationalism."

"Could you give me some specifics about this 'Christian fascism movement' of which you speak?" Of course Kinzinger didn't say that.

So's the Biden administration, which just threw two women in their 70s in prison for blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic after sending some 30 FBI agents to a Christian protester's home to arrest him.

Christian nationalism means not wanting porn in school libraries. "Parents' rights" is another movement supported by Christian nationalists.

Tell us more about your faith, Adam. We all know Joe Biden is a devout Catholic. What do you believe?

P.S. Prayers for my enlightenment are always appreciated.



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