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Gov. Kathy Hochul: The vaccine you had in the past won't help you this time around

AP Photo/Hans Pennink

Apologies that this tweet is six days old, but it just came across our timeline and lines up perfectly with all of the new warnings about masking and boosters. As Twitchy reported, CNN tweeted five times last week about when to get the new COVID-19 vaccine, which is meant to stop the newest strain of the coronavirus going around.


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul wants you to tell everyone you know that the vaccine you had in the past — that they said would prevent you from contracting or transmitting the virus — "will not help you this time around."

It didn't help last time.


It's always a good reminder that President Biden wanted OSHA to go around to every business larger than 100 people and fire anyone who hadn't had the vaccine.

"Tell everybody." As you might know, this editor got the initial vaccine plus one booster and still contracted COVID, which made him miss one day of work from fatigue. Is whatever's going around "this time around" stronger than the initial strain of the coronavirus? No.


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