The current movement for trans rights, which now centers on the right for minors to consent to “gender-affirming” surgery, seems to have grown out of the argument over access to restrooms and dates back to 2016. The main target was North Carolina and its bathroom bill, which inspired companies to withdraw from the state, prompted travel bans, and led Bruce Springsteen to cancel a concert there. In 2017, it made the news that the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the $12.9 billion USS Gerald R. Ford, had no urinals. In 2019, Portland said it would spend $200 million to remove all urinals from the city municipal building.

Much as some have proposed that transgender athletes have their own sports leagues, some have proposed the addition of transgender bathrooms. There are already a lot of all-gender bathrooms, but transgender bathrooms? Touré says that’s a bad idea, as it would give people who want to kill transgender people an easy way to find them.

We’re pretty sure we know where he stands on that issue.

So people are going to hang around outside transgender bathrooms so they can beat up anyone who comes out? We weren’t aware that the “anti-trans” crowd was that dedicated to the cause.


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