We learned late last year that Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin was diagnosed with cancer. He’s apparently been losing his hair to chemotherapy and has taken to wearing a cap. Being in good spirits, though, Raskin made a pretty good joke — except the managing editor from Punchbowl News didn’t seem to get it.

There are no Republican efforts to make him take off the cap. Fortunately, “Readers added context they thought people might want to know”:

Raskin has explained that he was making a joke. There is no indication that any Republicans have actually asked him to remove his cap in the House.

Of course it was a joke.

Come on, people …

Yes, alert CNN and MSNBC.

People … it was a joke. We did a post yesterday on the Washington Post’s Philip Bump writing that there was only one conspiracy theory driving the Right: Democrats are evil. But Democrats really believe the GOP is demanding Raskin remove his cap because “the cruelty is the point.” Yeah, Democrats are all about love and understanding.

Now let’s talk about the time liberals lost their minds when Sen. Kyrsten Sinema wore a denim vest.


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