It can be hard out there for a trans woman. As The Daily Beast pointed out earlier, a teenage girl’s “locker room freakout” at the YMCA over a trans woman sharing the space is just grist for another anti-trans campaign. Trans women are women and should have complete access to women’s spaces, including restrooms, locker rooms, showers, and so on. Only a transphobe would object.

I’m a transphobe because I’m always wondering if women who are also biologically male could recognize that fact and just maybe make some accommodations. Wait until you get home from the gym to shower, for example. Or wear a towel in the women-only section of the spa. You know, just recognize that their male genitalia might be offensive or startling to some women, and that doesn’t make them bad people.

Here’s a trans woman who was just trying to use the women’s restroom and caught an earful from a neighbor who kept tapping the “Women” sign. Sadly, despite being triggered and exploding at the woman and her children, her “friends” didn’t back her up and thought she should calm down. Here’s Kaelie’s story:

She fought but ended up exposing her friends as frauds who wouldn’t back her up. What a miserable person.