We saw this thread by Jake Shields in our timeline a couple of days ago, but we didn’t want to post anything about it until we confirmed who “Melissa” was. Now we know, and we also know that Melissa has included Shields’ thread in a video about some of that hate that’s been directed toward her recently. See what you think:

Alyssa Goard writes for NBC Bay Area:

One former Twitter contract employee who wrote models to detect for misinformation on the platform tells NBC Bay Area she is worried that on the platform’s current path, users will see more misinformation and abuse.

From her San Francisco home, Melissa Ingle is following the rapid-fire changes at her former employer, Twitter.

Ingle said she had worked as a contract employee at Twitter since September of 2021, serving as a Senior Data Scientist in content moderation for Twitter’s civic integrity group.

“We would monitor tweets that contained political information for political misinformation,” Ingle explained, noting that her team would monitor elections in the U.S. and around the world.

We all know what a great job Twitter did moderating disinformation like the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Here’s her story:

Ingle, a transgender parent to two children, explained what Shields got wrong:

Obviously, she agreed with Twitter’s content moderation policy, up until the moment Elon Musk purchased the company.

Melissa was just a contractor, but five or six levels of management above her seemed to think she was the person to police political disinformation. We notice she still has a Twitter account so she hasn’t completely split with Twitter.


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