For some reason, our photo archive here at Twitchy was wiped out a while ago, so we’ve lost access to a lot of good photos. We had some good ones of politicians visiting Pennsylvania and gobbling down cheesesteaks, which is something every politician must do in Philadelphia; there was a particularly good shot of John Kerry trying to force one down. And in the Pennsylvania Senate race, John Fetterman hit Mehmet Oz for posting a photo holding a cheesesteak … “a rite of passage for every tourist,” he tweeted.

In Ohio, though, you need to eat a pork sandwich to be deemed authentic. Senate candidate Tim Ryan’s campaign has done some really weak hits on J.D. Vance, and Thursday was no exception, with Ryan hitting Vance for turning down a pork sandwich fresh off the grill.

So you’re not Pennsylvania if you don’t eat cheesesteaks and you’re not Ohio if you turn down a pork sandwich. Unqualified for sure.

Um, yeah.

Speaking of Democrats:

We have some reservations about Vance, but Ryan’s campaign has just been so lame we can’t pass it up.


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