We’re a bit confused; as we just reported, Twitter noted that Stacey Abrams was trending for claiming men created a heartbeat sound for a six-week unborn baby to control women’s bodies. However, Twitter added some context, saying that NBC News had confirmed that “doctors agree one doesn’t exist during this early stage of pregnancy” (except for the doctors who chimed in and said yes, you can hear a heartbeat — cardiac activity if you please — at six weeks.

So what are we to make of this segment from NBC’s TODAY Show in which the hosts continually refer to a 32-week-old fetus as a “baby”? A lot of media outlets are covering this study Thursday, which aimed to understand “the earliest evidence for fetal abilities to sense and discriminate different flavors.”

The media has really slipped up, because the study they’re reporting on mentions only fetuses, not babies. Fortunately Democrats trust the science, as the House’s bill put no limits on abortion.