The fine folks at Townhall have made another one of Vice President Kamala Harris’ sage quotes into a graphic befitting it. Behold:

Oh, so that’s their definition of “secure.” We’ll instead stick with what we’re seeing on the ground from Fox News’ Bill Melugin, who earlier Monday watched a group of more than 200 migrants cross at Eagle Pass, Texas … and Washington, D.C. calls it a “humanitarian crisis” when 4,000 migrants are dropped on its doorstep. Nah, just let Eagle Pass handle it.

And someone — we’re guessing one of the migrants — hung Venezuela’s flag on the barbed-wire fence showing where America’s border is.

Wasn’t Venezuela one of the stopping points on Harris’ trip to Central America to get to the “root causes” of all this northern migration?

Good to know they’re still proud of the country they left.