We saw some attention being paid this week to Mike Rothschild, a “journalist focused on conspiracy theories/QAnon” who has been featured on MSNBC and CNN and in the New York Times. He also has a new book out about QAnon called “The Storm Is Among Us,” but according to his Twitter feed Saturday, he’s not sure if a library in Bonner’s Ferry has banned his book or not or if was on a list of books to be banned. We’re sure he’d like it to be banned so he could make a news story out of it.

“My book hasn’t been banned but I’m leaving this up because book bans are real.”

Noah Blum, aka @neontaster, has a tread of some of the other conspiracy theories Rothschild has looked at in his tenure as a journalist.

And Spygate. So who’s going to write the book about #BlueAnon? Remember when Tom Arnold actually had a TV show about finding the lost Trump tapes? Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it: He didn’t find them.

CNN’s gone conservative now, but maybe MSNBC will have him on to promote his book debunking conspiracy theories.


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