We’re not sure why Jack Petocz has a blue check, but he calls himself in his Twitter bio a student activist. He also stayed up until midnight to take this photo of him turning 18 and being eligible to vote. “Watch out,” he says to Gov. Ron DeSantis. We’re assuming he’s rooting for Charlie Crist, so we’re also assuming he’s getting ready for his first loss at the polls. We hope there are cameras there like there were at the Javits Center when news of Hillary Clinton’s loss hit the TV screens.

And to think some Democrats want to lower the voting age.

All this editor knew is that Republicans were for the rich people, and he wasn’t a rich person.

Us too. With the vote totals up on the computer screen.

We’ll have to remember to check back in after the election. A wellness check, if you will.


Editor’s Note:
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