We know that globalists and other progressives are bound and determined to get us eating bugs, but we’re not eating bugs, and we’re not eating each other. The New York Times went with a clickbait title for its tweet, and the feature is mostly about a recent spate of books and TV shows that feature cannibalism, such as Showtime’s “Yellowjackets.” We’ll admit we learned something from the New York Times: There are a lot more books about cannibalism than we knew. Is 2022 cannibalism’s time to shine?

Alex Beggs writes:

The pilot episode of “Yellowjackets” shows a teenage girl getting trapped, bled out like a deer and served on a platter in a terrifying ritual. Bloodthirsty fans continue to dissect the scene on Reddit, where a subreddit message board dedicated to the series has more than 51,000 members.

The show’s tension is in the knowledge that you know cannibalism is coming, but when? And why?

The creators of “Yellowjackets,” Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, who live in Los Angeles, say they wanted the plot to hint that human consumption wasn’t merely for the characters’ survival.

As to what may be fueling the desire for cannibalism stories today, Ms. Lyle, the “Yellowjackets” co-creator, said, “I think that we’re obviously in a very strange moment.” She listed the pandemic, climate change, school shootings and years of political cacophony as possible factors.

“I feel like the unthinkable has become the thinkable,” Ms. Lyle said, “and cannibalism is very much squarely in that category of the unthinkable.”

Wait … so the co-creator of “Yellowjackets” thinks climate change and school shootings have made cannibalism thinkable?