It was just two days ago that NPR announced that it was starting a new disinformation team — this is the same NPR that put out a statement before the election making it crystal clear it would not be reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop. If you missed your chance with NPR, don’t fret; the Washington Post’s Style section is looking for an accomplished writer “to explore the cultural impact of race and identity on American society.”

“It’s a fabulous way to write feature stories on what has become Topic A.”

Here’s more on the position:

A journalist who brings a unique perspective to issues of race and who understands how to draw out vibrant stories about the moments and people who are driving the cultural conversation will succeed in this role. While reporting and exploring narratives and identifying profile targets, this reporter must also be prepared to write quickly when the opportunity arises. Successful candidates will have the insight to identify how issues of race and identity play into the news of the day, as well as the foresight to conceive definitive stories on emerging trends and write them with sweep and authority. The ideal candidate will have a track record of producing ambitious features on race and identity in America.

Are race and identity two things, or just one thing? Are we talking racial identity or gender identity?

Sounds like it.

What’s Sarah Jeong doing now that she’s no longer with the New York Times? She certainly had some strong opinions on race and it didn’t hurt her career.