It looks like New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait is looking forward to a bad 2022 and a bad 2024; he’s recently upgraded the threat level of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis from “deeply authoritarian” to “authoritarian to the bone.” Now he’s writing about how “the Democrats’ failure is complete,” mostly because they started off with the most ambitious agenda ever … bigger than FDR. But then Sen. Joe Manchin threw a wrench into the works. Chait argues that it’s not Manchin alone that’s the problem, but he sure does bring him up a lot.

Chait writes:

It would be unfair to measure the Democrats against the full-bloom version of their most ambitious measure. They deliberately set out the most ambitious version of their agenda at the beginning in the understanding it would have to shrink — and indeed, not all the components had the administrative capacity to be enacted anyway.

Razor-tight margins of control in both chambers of Congress always meant compromise would be necessary.

At the same time, by realistic or even minimal standards of performance, this two-year term, almost certain to be the last period of Democratic-controlled government for the foreseeable future, has been a failure. The ramifications of this defeat — political, economic, and ecological — will reverberate.

Remember when Democrats pushed for the multi-trillion Green New Deal, and then ended up voting against it?

People only voted for Joe Biden because he wasn’t Donald Trump, and that’s all they got … not Donald Trump.

That’s exactly the point Axios was trying to make the other day; Republicans are now the party of the “non-white working class.”

If Republicans could just stop themselves from dragging defeat from the jaws of victory. Get used to winning for a change.