OK, we had second thoughts about giving this clown any oxygen, but it reminded us of the time a mob banged on the doors of the Supreme Court building in an attempt to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from being sworn in. They have barricades around the Supreme Court now, but this abortion and climate activist (insurrectionist?) managed to scale those barriers and chain himself to the Supreme Court fence with a bike lock.

Ford Fischer interviewed Reichstadter before his stunt:

Oh, and he also says he’s starting a hunger strike for abortion access. Remind us to check back in a week.

That would have helped with the hunger strike, although as with Rep. Cori Bush’s occupation of the Capitol steps, people would just bring cases of Twinkies and Ruffles.

Let’s see if any of the mainstream news outlets pick up on this story of one nutball and his bike lock. Will they make him the next Bree Newsome, who scaled the flagpole outside the South Carolina state house and took down the Confederate flag?