No more mean tweets, right?

Here’s a curious note from a March 6, 2017 FBI briefing that was just released as part of the Michael Sussman case. As you might recall, Sussman was a Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer who was indicted last September for peddling obviously false information to the FBI about the Trump Organization having a covert server linked to the Russian Alfa Bank.

Here’s a short thread by Hans Mahncke that highlights one handwritten line from that FBI briefing: “FBI trying to determine what is behind POTUS tweets.”

But our new Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz tweeted that the FBI and Justice Department were obviously biased against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

It’s a relief to know the FBI was keeping briefed on President Trump’s tweets. This is almost as important as Brian Stelter’s critical work analyzing Trump’s Twitter typos and why they were important.