As we just posted, Whoopi Goldberg settled the question about where President Joe Biden stands on abortion once and for all: He’s a devout Roman Catholic and therefore doesn’t believe in it — but that’s not going to stop him from serving all the people of the country, including those who depend on abortions after hooking up with drunk randos. Jen Psaki, already with one foot out the door and in at MSNBC, told reporters at the White House briefing Thursday that those women and men who feel “outrage” over that leaked Roe v. Wade draft decision aren’t alone, and that Biden shares their concern — their horror — at what he saw in that opinion.

Wow, when’s the last time Psaki used the word “horror”? Oh yeah, it’s when she called Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill “horrific.”

Roe v. Wade being overturned is horrific, but abortion is so awesome LifeNews is banned from posting photos of it on Twitter.

Man, devout Catholic Biden is a complex guy — he doesn’t believe in abortion, but he was horrified to learn Roe v. Wade might be overturned.



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